Creating sources is a very straightforward process.

Just click in the menu on 'sources', and you will presented with the list of sources already defined for your company.

You can click on 'add' button to create a new source or you can click on the 'pencil-like' button in each source to edit it.

Creating a new source will display the current source types you are allowed to create, and you will have to choose one.

(Note: editing a source will not display this screen, as the source type cannot be changed once the source is created).

Once selected you will be able to enter the general properties of the source : name and description (source type will be already filled for you)

(Hint: name and description are mandatory fields, so you need to fill them in order to proceed.)

(Hint: you can press cancel at any time to stop the source creation)

When ready, press Next and you will be in the source configuration screen (or click the tab named 'source configuration' if editing.)

manual source

nbt agent source

Depending on the type of agent, you will be prompted for different things here.

As examples : 

 - manual sources need no configuration at all

 - nbtagents sources  will have here its unique id (which will be created upon saving), so you don't need to do anything here.

 - email sources (not ready yet as of now) will have here the email addresses needed.

(Hint: when creating a nbtagent, you will have to come to this screen to get the unique id of this agent, as it needs to be configured in the nbtagent local configuration).

When ready click 'Next' and you will be in the confirmation screen (only when you are creating sources)

On this screen, review what you have entered (click previous if you want to change anything), and press Finish when ready to save.