Depending on the type of source you are using for the campaign you may be presented with different options here.

manual sources

This type of source doesn't need any additional configuration.

nbtagent sources

This type of source needs configuration. First of all you can configure an email address where notifications for each execution will be sent.

You can specificy if you want the norification emails to be sent for every executions, or only for failed executions.

If you don't want any notifications, just leave the email address blank.

Next thing to do is to configure how the nbtagent will collect information, and where the nbtagent will place the output of the execution.

As of now, there are two options here : database and filesystem.

In both configurations you will be asked to confirm there will be no personal or sensitive data collected.


In the case of database, you will need to configure 

  • how to connect to database (jdbc connection string, username and password)
  • select statement that will return the data
  • table where the scores will be updated (table, column name for the id and column name for the score).

Please ask your DBA or contact support if you don't know what to put here


In the case of filesystems, you will have to configure where the input file will be, and where to place the ouptut file. Both paths need to be absolute.