Before running NBT Agent you must configure it. You should follow these steps :

  • Open file and edit the following properties:
    • id: Here you must write source id which can be found in the properties of the 'Source' created in the NBT console.

    • If you have a proxy server to access internet, you should fill the proxy related properties :
      • Name of the proxy server.
      • proxy.port: Port of the proxy server.
      • proxy.user: If it is an authenticated proxy, write here the user to connect to the proxy server
      • proxy.passwordIf it is an authenticated proxy, write here the user password to connect to the proxy server.
    • temp.path: Folder used for creating temporaty files. By default it will use a folder named "tmp" in the agent installation folder. 

  • Open to change the path and the name of the log file. The log file by default is created in the installation folder and it is named "nbtagent.log"


NBT Agent must be run periodically to send and get info from NBT Server. To allow this, you should schedule NBT Agent using any comercial tool or any system tool (Unix Cron, Windows Schedule Task, etc). 

The recommended time interval between executions for NBT Agent is 15 minutes, but it can vary depending on your circumstances.